Kevin Roark Jr
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I am 31 years old (April 11, 1993) and live in New York City. I am from Slidell, LA (swamp between New Orleans and Mississippi). I enjoy: playing and thinking about basketball, making photos and videos, designing software, psychoanalysis, research and organizing material, 70s country music and metalcore, my bike, reading and highlighting the best parts, really good movies, outside and inside time, old and new, eating and drinking.

I work for the Brooklyn Nets in the front office. My title (made it up): Director of Basketball Systems and Innovation. Our group is responsible for putting together the team's roster via the Draft, Free Agency, and Trades. I use computer, design, and critical thinking skills to enhance and streamline the work of everyone else. I like the scope and duration of the problem, and basketball too.

I have worked on lots of other things too—multimedia software, photos, videos, research and archival tools, 3D graphics, websites, sound, Advanced JavaScript. You can see details in the projects page in the navigation links up there. Much of it happened prior to my basketball professionaliation, but it stil comes out in trickles. I have this grand vision of publishing collections of links and my writing and photo prints and photo books and finishing ongoing videos on here sometime, look out for that. Before Basketball, I worked with Vercel, Cory Arcangel, VSCO, Computer Lab, and... others. I studied Computer Science at Columbia and went to Slidell High ;p.

I love spending time with friends & loved ones. I have three epic siblings: Laurie (25), Moses (17), Isabella (15). ACA meetings really helped me out, I grew up in unusual circumstance and had a strange run in my life for a while, doing pretty good now. I often go to a meeting on Tuesdays in Carroll Gardens, hit me up if you have questions or want to come...